My Second Pre-Natal Visit

After the insurance was approved I was then assigned to a specific doctor and to another clinic. A little far from home but I found a good way to get there not using the freeways but the inner roads. That way hubs won't worry about me driving alone. It's better to be extra careful now that I am carrying our baby. It's time for my second doctor visit and this time I met my new OB-GYN Dr. Vallejo of West Valley Medical Tully Center. A little from home but the facility is really good, be the judge! I snapped some photos this time around (September 15).

Since this visit was scheduled ahead hubs was able to note it at work and went with me. We were hoping for an ultrasound but not this time =( Too bad we're eager to see baby together. So how was the visit? Good! We were so happy with our doctor, she's so nice and very warm. She made us feel so comfortable. Checked me thoroughly and set some blood tests that I need to do.

We spent the whole morning there and good thing my husband noted he'll be back 1pm or else he'll be late. I postponed the bloodtest which was the 1hr glucose test for sugar testing for the next day since we were given an Ultrasound schedule. I decided to take it the same day so he won't be late for his half day work. So off we go around 11:30 and just dropped the prescription given to me for next day's pick up too. we decided to eat lunch together at Wendy's before he goes to the office. My day out didn't end there, before going home I even went to the department store to check out some maternity clothes and a gift for my dear husband for his birthday =)
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Tekkaus said...

Good to know that the new doctor is very friendly and warm. ;)

Tekkaus said...

Hopefully you and hubs will have a great "ultra-sounding" day. :p

life ramblings said...

glad everything turn out smoothly.

Ayie said...


She's very nice and I like it when she's the one personally calling me here at home to check my results and if I attended the other appointments given to me =)

we still have to see a good ultrasound to confirm our baby's gender

Ayie said...


Just for that day but wait for the next series of posts =(

lina said...

A friendly doctor does make a difference to the check-ups. Glad to hear you were happy with the new place. :-)

The place look pretty nice too.

Ayie said...


I love the clinic...the facilities and the structure are all nice and new. A little drive from home but I really don't mind much since all the people there are great too most esp my doctor =)

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