My bump and books =)

Since we officially declared and released our little angel's first ever photos =) it's time to share some photos of mommy and daddy to be. I'm within 2mos on the run to 3 already here but baby bump still hiding because only me and hubs knew here. I can still wear snug fitting clothes and it's still not too obvious. Be the judge! What do you think? This shot was taken in Santa Cruz Boardwalk when we took hubs' family to the beach. We had some fun with some rides though I was really careful fearing our baby might be hurt or something.

These shots show my 14th-15th weeks baby bump =) getting bigger! Now I really have to take care of my skin because of my expanding tummy. Stretchmarks are quite unsightly so better use lotions for pregnant women. My bestfriend has been bugging me to make sure I have those and if not my husband makes sure he gets those for me! Haha, she's more worried than ever. Good thing I already bought some Palmer's pre-natal supplies and a set after giving birth.

Here are some very usual books I have on hand to guide me throughout my pregnancy. I know most of my blogger friends knew I hate reading, but what can I do? I'm gonna be a mom soon so I better be ready and at least know more about myself and my baby inside me. My mom not being here near me makes me feel a lot more responsible for myself alone. I have to further educate myself and hubs as well to prepare us for the stork's delivery =)
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Tekkaus said...

Yay! I'm here first! :)

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Little junior is growing up so fast huh! Daddy sure looks happy! :)

Tekkaus said...

You have already bought some Palmer's pre-natal supplies and a set after giving birth? can't wait either huh! :) Don't worry, time flies Ayie!

Salitype said...


well done you! i bought few pre-natal books as well during those time. are you planning of attending pre-natal classes?

Ayie said...


not much fc competitors here yet so you can get the spot! hehe

of course daddy's happy so as mommy! haha

The kit was a good deal and i can't afford to miss that sale. If i buy the items separately then i will have to spend like $20 more or less but the pack I got was just $9.99 How can I resist it? I'll need it in time so might as well have it before it's gone. =)

Ayie said...


I'm still waiting for the newsletters in the mail from the provider and once i have those I can check all birthing and pre-natal stuffs. I am freelance work at home so I can find good time to accommodate that. I think it's better for me too since mom isn't here with me to take care of me.

Pete said...

Baby growing......., its time to eat, eat, eat....mmmm yummy food!

betchai said...

hi Ayie, yes, it is not obvious yet in the first picture, having no experience in pregnancy, I could not give you any advise, except just share my best wishes for you and your baby's health.

Tes said...

It is always wise to start up on those books -this is the best time to read because once your bundle of joy is out, you will grab every chance you get to sleep -never mind read. :)

The photos of the bump is one of the nicest gifts you can show your baby someday. "There you are... growing..."

Mummy Gwen said...

Ayie ganda, Ohhh...I can see your bump. Yeah...better start applying those anti-stretch marks cream..hehe.

Ayie said...


How I wish I can eat eat and eat... i am under strict nutrition guide right now since my sugar gets high =(

Ayie said...


You being there and being so supportive with me is more than enough! Thanks for all those know what I'm saying =)

Ayie said...


I know what you mean, i had a little hand on my niece when she was really an infant. The books are nice to read so i can be more aware of everything. also with the baby bump pictures, i believe so. Our baby will appreciate it so much in time. thanks

Ayie said...

Mummy sexy,

I bet you had all those creams before! Baby bumps really growing now =)

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