To The Godmother-to-be

It was not a very good day here same where she is on her special day...

I'm thankful for having her in my life, my dear bestfriend CHE who thought I should make this blog for dearest godchild she has yet to meet... about 5 more months my dear, just be patient.

I feel bad that we didn't get to see each other and celebrate together both our birthdays but I believe we'll reunite in time... soon I hope.

Happy birthday bes! We love you!

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Tekkaus said... sweet. Now she is talking about her Godchild. Can I be the Godfather too? LOL :D Just kidding lar!

Tekkaus said...

Well, it's indeed great to have your best friend always around right? :) Have a nice day Ayie!

Ayie said...


we'll see tekkaus! hahaha

she might not be really here with me and we might not be so in touch when it comes to communication but we highly depend on each other on tough times whenever that may be


cheketeng said...

waaah!!! i only got to read this today. (half a month after my stormy birthday)

but thanks so much Bes (why did you put that effing pixies by the way?!?! arrghh i dont look good in them!!!)hahaha.

i really wish I could be there when little angel comes out.. so make sure to catch it on video!!! hehe. always take care. love you Bes. mwah!

Ayie said...


Tagal ha...only now?!! It's in the news there will be a storm tomorrow, I hope it won't be bad.

I want those pics, bakit ba! As if I look good there... I want to cherish those moments that's why!

Hope you really can be here, some people here drive me nuts... you know who... luv u 2 bes!

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