Post Break: Babies And Puppies

We all know that having a baby is quite expensive but same goes with puppies. Yes, it's almost like having another baby at home. Both have to be immunized, nursed and be given vitamins. It's even funny to think that they almost have the same looking toys. No wonder why some people who prefer not to have a child would rather have a puppy.

I know this is a blog for motherhood but this time I'm writing about Nylabone. Nylabone Nubz are edible dental dog chews made of highly digestible natural ingredients and no preservatives which dogs will love. It is vet-recommended citing that it can help clean the teeth, freshen breath, reduce tartar and promote healthier gums. It's guaranteed safe and made in USA, available in your favorite Costco center. Check out the Costco monthly coupon book and grab some goodies for your puppies with a great coupon value of $3.50 valid from August 19th-September 12th.

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