Toy For My Boy

Introducing toys to babies is a good way to stimulate their development. It is advisable to know the proper toys to give according to their age. This way you'll get to see and observe also their development. Getting bright colored toys can also help with their visual recognition. Just like this rattle ball that I got for baby, the holes are great in helping baby practice his grabbing skills. and coordination. At certain age babies will use their fingers to grip things and small grabable toys are just perfect for them. The sound of the rattle is good for his hearing and can promote alertness too. It is also recommended to give one toy at a time so baby can explore, learn and appreciate it more.

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Tekkaus said...

Yeah! I am going to buy toys for my baby too soon. :D

lina said...

Your wife is expecting? Congrats.

Play time is learning time for kids.:)

eastcoastlife said...

Tekkaus is expecting his baby too!? Wow. baby boom! Congrats!

Ayie, that's your baby in the picture? He's cute and chubby. You look after him well. :)

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