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After purchasing my home, I quickly found that I was losing a lot of heat from my house. Therefore, I went on a mission to find out where heat and cooling sears was at. The problem I found was Poor insulation in the attic. It seems most homes, old and new alike, have very little insulation in the attic. This in turn allows much of your heat to be released directly through your roof.

If you are not sure as to whether you need to add insulation to you attic, simply consult a hardware store. The insulation area of the store will usually have a chart depicting just how much insulation you should have for your location. Then, simply put your tape measure into the insulation that you do have in your attic and see if it measures up. I'm willing to guess it will not be what is recommended. If that is the case, the solution is simple.

You simply need to calculate and purchase the amount needed. After doing so, you just need to have it blown into the attic. It requires a machine that you can rent to blow it into the attic. If at all possible I suggest doing this project with a helper to feed the machine with insulation for you. Then, just pretend you are a fireman and blow the insulation equally across your attic!

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

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Tekkaus said...

Yupe! The weather is getting hotter by the minutes. Need to insulate our attic or roof right? :D

Ayie said...

it's getting cooler here tekkaus, summer's almost over =)

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Great articles. Thank you.

burlington entry door said...

Thanks for sharing this about insulating the attic. It helps!

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