Post Break: Please And Thank You

I remember when etiquette was something every child was taught. That definitely isn’t the norm now. I don’t mean that everyone should have to learn how to walk with a book balanced on their head, but there are certain things that come in handy knowing at times you least expect them, like writing a thank you card or using the right fork to eat your salad.

That’s why I volunteered to teach an etiquette class at our local community center. We just finished up our last class, as it was offered only in the summer, but I think that I’ll probably do it again next year. Most of my attendees were girls, but there were a few boys that looked like they weren’t enjoying it but were very polite and well behaved anyway.

But one thing that I learned this summer was that I need hearing aids North Carolina. I had a lot of trouble hearing the children speak and ask me questions so I made an appointment at one of free hearing test locations to take later this week.

I expect that my class will be a little larger next summer and that I’ll be able to address my hearing loss so I can be a better teacher.

Guest post written by Annie Smathers

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Tekkaus said...

Etiquette is very important and it is good to teach our young ones since they are small.

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