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This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before people lived in a world without phones, internet and other mobile connectivity.  They get by and lived well though communication is way too hard those days.  Right now we are living in a very interactive world.  A world where everybody's connected even if you live on different side of the world.  I do admit that I am very thankful for having this kind of opportunity to be able to talk and even see people I love despite our distance.  I can remember how good I felt after hearing my mom's voice when I was in the delivery room and about to start my labor.  If not because of the technology nowadays then I would have been feeling alone.  We had the luxury of updating each other through text messages and calls from time to time. 

Given that it's very easy to communicate with people these days it also comes with a price.  While some pay too much and way over just to have good talk, text and data package, some people go for Straight Talk.  What could be better than no contract mobile service with everything you need for only as much as $45?  Imagine your savings if you make the switch to Straight Talk.  Cutting the bill in half could really save big bucks and with that I can buy a new smartphone which I can use to maximize my mobile web browsing capability.  What's best is that you won't be tied with expensive contract plans and no surprise bills.  This means more freedom with texting, web surfing and you can call a friend without having to worry much about finishing up your minutes.

Straight's deal is like a hook, line and sinker in one.  You can get everything you can ever wish for your mobile provider.  They carry good and reliable mobiile phone units for as low as $10 (reconditioned and basic camera phones) and their amazing smartphone lines from well known and very much trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  All you need is to choose which ever plan suits your needs and it's free from activation, reactivation and even termination fees.  For optimum phone usage you can go for their "All You Need Plan" or if you don't want to worry refilling your account for the entire year, you may opt for the unlimited everything for only $499.00.  Sweet deal right?  Plus 411 calls are of no charge and flexible long distance services.

Feel free to check out here for more information on phone offers and see what Straight Talk subscribers have to say.


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let them roam! let them out! They need to run around amok! :p keeps them healthy when they are constantly on the move... exercise... u gotta move it move it!

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