Mobility For All

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It's fun to be free and being able to move without the need of any help from others.  Not all though are able and capable of being on their own most especially those who are disabled and in need of wheelchairs to get back to mobility.  In life you cannot depend on people being on your side always to take care of you and do things for you.  It's always better to be able to get yourself on the move without having to rely much on others.

NMEDA helps people who are in need of such mobility.  As a non-profit trade organization, NMEDA educates consumers on buying to their qualified dealers.  They care for the disabled people that's why they promote safe driving and equipment for the disabled.  NMEDA makes sure the vans and other vehicle systems for the disabled safely follow the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  They however do not sell anything but regulates the standards for the equipment from certified dealers.

NMEDA dealers aim to help the elderly and disabled to be back in motion, to be mobile again.  The NMEDA dealers will help assess your needs to suit the right and proper vessel for you.  They also have the QAP or Quality Assurance Program which is a nationally recognized accreditation program for such industry.  

Help people with disability to get back on the road again.  Help spread the word about NMEDA by checking the qualified dealers near you,  Feel free to leave a comment stating the location to further direct people to the right place. 

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