Welcoming Baby

I have some really great news: my husband and I are about to welcome our first baby! I can’t wait to be a mom for the first time and I love the idea that we’re going to get to raise her out here on the farm my husband grew up on…I need to get this place child proofed before she gets here, though. I already went to to look into satellite internet and talked to the guys down the street about adding a gate to our fence for security but we’ll deal with all that when the time comes. I’ve got the nursery all ready to go and we’ve been taking Lamaze classes for about 6 weeks now so I really think we’ll be ready when baby Jones decides to finally grace us with her presence! I like being pregnant and I’m going to miss it but I know it will all be worth it once that sweet little girl gets here in my arms and I can hold her.

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