Tracfone For The Kids

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What does real TracFone customers have about Tracfone?  Check out these videos and see for yourself!  

When considering a phone you normally look for so many features but not all phones and service providers fulfill this part.    TracFone on the other hand is very ideal for the kids because there are no contracts, no credit checks needed, no activation charges and not even cancellation fees.  It has more affordable rates for kids to be able to keep in touch with their parents.  TracFone guarantees excellent connectivity and reception nationwide.  Your kids might be out and about for their Summer Camp activities but they are like close to home with Tracfone.  You can always check on them or the kids can always keep you posted whatever's happening from afar.  They can also enjoy cellphone units from leading mobile manufacturers like Motorola, LG< Kyocera, Samsung or Nokia.  Basic or Smart phone, it's all in TracFone.

Since there are no fixed contracts, it's very easy and convenient to refill minutes with the use of pay as you go cards available almost everywhere in the country.  More practical choice is the 1yr service card which is loaded with 800 minutes, double minutes for only $119.00.  DO you know what real TracFone customers love the most?  International calls are charged just like the regular call rate.  NO extra cost to call internationally with Tracfone.   Isn't it worth the savings?


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