How Much Would A Mom Do?

This is not about spoiling, it is all about pure love.  A mother's pure love for her kid.  Seriously, how much would a mom do for her kid?  It is something that can really be measured, you'll only know how far you'd go when the time calls for it.

I was so inspired with a story from Yahoo which I read tonight, it's about a mom whose son was taken and what it took for her to get him back.  She tried to shed all the money she had but it wasn't enough to get her son back to her.  Knowing that something has to be done, this mother put the ball on her hand and played the game.

How much do I love my boy and how far would I go for him?  I honestly don't know the answer in terms or numbers, I just know I would do everything for him.  Here's the story that I just read, Courageous Mom Rescues Abducted Son in Egypt check it out yourself and tell me how you feel about it. 
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