Post Break: A Little Getaway

Last year we had a great family time overnight in a hotel.  A simple way of celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary together with our little boy.  It's nothing lavish, having to be away for a night at least away from home and everybody gave us much peace of mind and relaxation.  Oh boy, I wish we could've done it this year but it's been too hectic.  It would have been nice if we had the chance to lounge again in the pool and just play with our little boy splashing in the water.
I think I have some kind of fondness with hotels, it has always been my dream to have a Spa Hotel of my own together with my dear bestfriend.  To go to a hotel and enjoy all the amenities they offer is something I enjoy a lot but to have one of our own would be such a hard task, it would take so much resources to build one.  Still, we leave an open mind when it comes to this great dream of ours.  Who knows if someday we'll have what it takes to put things in reality.
Being and Architect and designer, planning and construction won't be a problem.  Once everything's set then finding hotel supply online for the operations will be the next step.  Me and bes will be checking out (Atlanta hotel supply ) to get all the necessary equipment even the hotel bar supplies we'll need.  It's going to be exciting once this big projects comes to a reality but until then, we'll have to enjoy all other hotel places. 

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