The Preschooler Age 24mos

At age 2, you can observe so many developments with your little.  Of course we have to keep in mind that not all 2 yr olds are the same.  We should not push nor expect our kid to do the same exact thing as the others.  At this age kids starts to adapt to habits.  You will notice that clean up time is something they enjoy doing.  Those days when they just flip a bucket full of toys down on the floor must still be anticipated but it will get better.  The best part of play would be cleaning up, kids enjoy it with us parents and a little song of course.

You may take this opportunity to teach your kid to help around the house.  Sometimes you won't even need to call for their attention to help you out, they will squeeze in whatever you're doing to give you a hand.  I admit, sometimes it drives me nuts when all the folded clothes get undone just because my little helper wants to fold along with me or simply gets attracted with the warm pile of laundered clothes.  When I'm really tired and this happens, I kind of flip but makes sure I don't scold my boy for helping me out.  I try to point out things rationally, according to his comprehension. Encouraging them to help and observe how you do things will give better results than throwing a big tantrum, besides in his eyes he was just trying to help mommy.  Things certainly take twice longer than you doing it alone but letting them be involved with you and some chores gives them a sense of responsibility and teaches them to help.

Dressing up is a good way to improve the fine motor skills, simple things like opening or closing the zipper, pulling pants up or down or wearing shoes.  The feeling of being quite independent and being able to do things like mommy and daddy gives them pride and self-confidence.  From here you'll be surprised to hear your little one say two to three words together.  This is also the age when "me", "I" or "mine" becomes quite dominant in their language.  How do you correct it?  Be a constant role model and keep a strict rule about things.  Don't expect them to really follow right through but in time you'll see them follow.  Some kids really talk way too early while some are way too delayed.  If it worries you then express your concern to the doctor to better assess the situation.

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Tekkaus said...

Hehe :D Yeah~not all 2 years old kid are the same. Both my son and daughter are different.

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