Mommy's Spring Gardening Buddy

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Spring is the perfect time to work in the garden, nice warm weather and lovely blooms everywhere.  Gardening is a great bonding activity for mommy and baby, giving some simple tasks and responsibilities in the garden can give our little one a sense of pride.  The values that instill in their yound mind having to give a helping hand to mommy and being able to take care of the garden.  Say for insatnce giving him or her a watering can and making him responsible for those little pots ot plants.  This helps build the kid's self confidence being able to accomplish a task.

Aside from our trusty little one, mommy can depend on Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch  for sustainable gardening.  Since we're putting much effort in our garden, making sure the garden most especially the yards are well taken cared of as well.  Having Scotts Nature Scapes mulch  for the gardening supplies is a must to maintain a garden the easier way.  Who wants to keep weeding instead of just tendering the nice plants in the garden?  With Florida Select Mulch, plant area will remain weed free just make sure you apply 3" of mulch leaving several inches away from house foundations, trees, woods and any plants. 

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpg

Landscaping the yard is much more fun when we use variety of plants and mulches.  Having some contrasts can give your garden a better appeal.  It depends what kind of garden youwant to have, it can be a flower garden, fruit garden or vegetable garden.  Having all in one isn't a bad idea either.  How the plants are grouped or separated together can make the difference.  Scotts® Nature Scapes® mulch can be a great option for landscaping; having color variations  like classic black, sierra red and deep forest brown can give a color play in your garden.  Aesthetically it can make a big difference, not only that because it can also help maintain moisture, prevent weeds and create a nice landscape all year long with less maintenance needed.

Ready to go shopping to the Nursery with your most favorite buddy?  Here are the basic essentials to get started with the gardening:

~ garden tools: rake, spade, shovel

~ potting soil, fertilizer, seeds, Scotts Florida Select Mulch, rocks and pebbles

~ protection:  sun hat, sunscreen, gardening gloves

~ pots, planter boxes, watering can (perfect for the little one)

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Tekkaus said...

How I wish I could have my own HUGE garden as well. :D

Ayie said...

I wish the same thing Tekkaus!!

betchai said...

beautiful garden, Ayie, glad to hear you are back here in blogosphere. mulch is very helpful for plants, it reduce maintenance

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