The Preschooler Age 25mos

At this age most toddlers interpret how they understand the world around them.  Associating things to what they want to say makes it easier for us parents to understand them better.  Say for instance when your tot walks near the door giving you a gesture to go out or in.  Giving you his or her cup would mean a drink or showing discomfort with the clothes to let you know they want to be changed.  Simple ways but bridges us parents to better understanding them.

This age is quite hyper, learning how to jump and do some more active play.  They can keep going on and on as if there's no way they're getting tired at all.  It's actually funny seeing them practice and master their jumping, like you have hoppity frogs hopping all day long.  Encourage them to move, free play encourages development their mind and body need.

Is potty training a must at this age?  I'd say not really, it depends on whether your tot is ready for it so as you.  Not all tots get into potty training the same time.  Some start way early, if your tot hasn't started yet there's no reason to frustrate about it.  Potty training takes a big heap of patience, timing, coordination, communication and dedication.  It's not advisable to do it today then skip tomorrow.  It also takes time, at most accidents may happen.  The best cue that your tot is ready is when he or she recognizes feeling to go potty.  Once they fully understand it regardless wearing trainers or diapers, they will go potty the proper way.

Nutrition is very essential to your child's growth so giving them healthy plate of food is a must. Little steps at a time, while some fancy fruits and veggies, not all kids are the same.  Parents must eat healthy as well being the role models as they kids tend to see and copy you in every possible way they can. 
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