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VIPRE Internet SecurityA computer hooked up to the internet will always be vulnerable to viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, adware, rootkits, the list goes on. One click to an unsafe url from an email that you thought was clean is all it takes for a computer to start it's downward spiral. I've seen computers that will not boot up because of viruses, and the worst ones are the ones that corrupt your data, rendering them completely useless. What if those data contained memorable photos? Or important legal documents? What if these files only lived on your computer and nowhere else? This is where the real frustration and headaches begin to hit you hard.

At the very least, a good anti-virus protection software such as VIPRE Internet Security should be installed in your computer. This alone will provide you with very good protection such as scanning, real-time active protection, threat definition updates and firewall. VIPRE Internet Security offers a wide array of tools and utilities that can help protect your computer from security threats. Installing is easy, and doesn't take long at all and is very easy to follow.

VIPRE Internet Security















VIPRE Internet Security

Once the program is installed, it provides a very clean simple overview that displays the status of your scans, active protection, updates and firewall. Here you will also notice addition options such as the ability to make scheduled scans, enable email protection, easy updates and set up web filters. It's such a well rounded program and I encourage those looking for an antivirus solution to give VIPRE Internet Security a try. It is very easy to use and manage and does not hog your computer resources. Stay safe, stay protected and enjoy a clean, virus-free computer!

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