My Boy Takes Care of Me

It was a sudden stomach pain last night, had to lay flat on the floor near my little boy while he's playing.  At one point I thought he was riding my back horsie because of the jump on my back to sit.  Told him my tummy is ouchie and it hurts when he's riding my back so rough.  To my surprise I felt tiny little hands rolling through my back, rubbing back and forth.  Baby is massaging mommy!  He said he has to massage me to make me better.  He usually would copy me massaging daddy or whenever I request for a little back massage it would be a brief 15-30 seconds hand rolling.  Not this time, he was actually massaging me for a good 1 minute and after the back got off me and went to my side trying his best to roll me to lay flat on my back.  He said "mommy I need to massage your tummy".  He didn't stop until I let him. 

It was so sweet of my boy to show how much he cares by giving me such TLC.  That's not it, after a great massage from a 3yr old, he told me I need to drink water to make me better.  He rushed to the kitchen to get me some water, I heard some things falling in the sink but nothing that could break.  He successfully grabbed the cup then ran back to me asking me to fil it up with water.  I was just in much pain that I didn't want to move so I told him maybe he can check his Cars cup and I can share water there.  Off he went to put the cup back to the dish rack (which actually just fell in the sink) then grabbed the Cars cup.  Too bad no water too so he again asked me but I thought of his Thomas cup.  He rushed to the room and finally got one with some water in it.  He sat right next to me and shook the cup to make sure there's water, then opened the straw cover.  He gently placed the straw to my mouth and made sure I drank some water.  Funny enough that right after I sipped he took his turn and said "mommy I feel so hotter", which means he's feeling hot with all the running and working to get my precious water.  Last thing baby said to me was, "mommy there you go, water should make you feel better!"

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