The Preschooler Age 26mos

Table manners becoming an issue?  You may be so used with your tot being so well behaved and sitting still while having family dinners and all of a sudden he or she suddenly becomes such a screamer of some sort.  Ok, the screaming and misbehaving isn't good but remember, kids behave in such a way to express themselves.

We have observed our little boy to misbehave a bit more and scream or do unlikely things while eating lately.  We kept observing and somehow figured out whenever me and my husband would talk about things our little boy can't relate with, he's likely to start doing things to cut us and focus on him.  Finally it made sense after I just read about kids that age acting in such manner on the table.

Since out little one started easting on his own, we give less attention on the table and start going back to our old routine which is probably old talks.  Our kid cannot relate to this thus making him quite furious and as a result would do something to distract and get out attention.  Understandable enough that the past 2yrs meal time would mean family time, out little boy being much more of a baby then and we made an effort to incorporated everything on the table for him.

I know it's hard when sometimes you and your husband just want to have some chat while eating, but not to forget the little one who's trying his best to keep up with mom and dad.  Conversations that he can't understand will definitely make him feel off and not included so reserved those delicate topics away from the table, instead show how much you enjoy the food and the family having a meal all together.

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Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Ayie Ganda, very good advice. Your boy is soo big already now. :)

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