The Wait

After the numerous home pregnancy tests we settled on not telling anybody about it. It was hard (yes so so hard being hush hush) since I felt like I needed someone to at least be there to talk to me about things. My bestfriend was the one next to know about it. I emailed her the test results and asked her what she thinks about it. Hubs and I decided we can only tell the news once we have that ultrasound done and I get to have my first pre-natal check-up.

Aside from the medical matters, we were also waiting for the insurance coverage to kick in. It's taking too long already having me added in my husband's employer insurance and it's too late to check on getting others. We still tried though and yet we failed. The insurance system here made our eyebrows raise. Why? Because we were just told that they can't offer me any insurance since I have an existing condition (expecting already). We were like, "What's wrong with them? They only want to get money from people and insure them but when you need to have a coverage they can't give it to you?" What do you think about their policy? Quite unfair? You'll be paying anyway so what's the big deal? The catch is that most hospitals and any other medical services are insurance related. Only few offices accept cash pay and if you opt to do this be ready to shed off hundreds to thousands of dollars before even giving birth!

We had to check all options possible and it wasn't easy. So much frustrations and stress and we knew it's bad for the baby to absorb such things. I had my crying moments not only because of the medical and insurance matters but some family stress here at home. I'm just glad my bestfriend and some other friends (adeline, amie & betchai) listened to my outpour during those dark times. I really thank them for uplifting my spirits and making me feel better. It's hard being far from your family and friends though I know I have to be strong to face all these. Now, I have all the reasons to be stronger because our little angel needs our strength too.
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2xMum said...

congratulations...! welcome to motherhood... :)

ladyviral said...

Tell me about it... They are just so afraid... Stupid Insurances! sometimes I really wonder if they are out there to help people, or so ruin people -_-''

I am glad you got through the times of frustrations. Just remember, when you need the listening your friends are there for you :). I am here for you too. *hugs and kisses*

Tekkaus said...

Yay! It is confirmed right Ayie! Ayie junior is coming out. ;)

Hmm...about the insurance...try your best...but try to stay happy all the time. After all Junior is counting on you. ;)

Ayie said...

Wonderful Life,

Thanks so much! I sneaked to your blog and you have a cute boy!!

Ayie said...


That's exactly our remarks! You are in need so you are applying but they don't want to give way knowing they will be putting out money for you already.

Thanks for being were among the first who consoled me a lot!

Ayie said...


Yes I am scheduled on the 15th for the next pre-natal check up. Hubs told me the baby's moving a lot lastnight when he tried to hear through my tummy. He always checks before he sleeps.

About the insurance thing, wait til the next post. I have more updates there. I am trying to keep myself happy and stress free as much as possible. I want to have a healthy baby and I know it all starts with me.

Ayie said...

Thanks guys!

LifeRamblings said...

how are you getting on sweetie? hope everything's well for you.

whatever problems you're facing, try not to be too emotional during this stage of your pregnancy. it's not good for the little angel.

if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, just buzz me. i'll always be here for you.

have a restful weekend Ayie!

Ayie said...


Thanks for all the care. I'm fine now just some emotional deals from time to time. I try to keep myself happy and stress free as much as possible to assure baby's health. It's just hard having too much people at home too. I'll take note of what you said and I truly appreciate it. Btw, how do I buzz you? Will you email me too? =)

I'll try to get much needed rest this week =) You too, take care! mwuah!

ladyviral said...

It is a pleasure to be able to lend a listening ear... I am happy too because you have gone through so much with me and also trust me in sharing so much with me :).

Thanks alot to you too!

Ayie said...


you can always call on me too =)

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