Answered Prayers

We're so happy that finally we get to confirm my pregnancy and we even saw baby for the first time. It was a very overwhelming feeling. All I want is to be a mom someday and that time has finally came. Still we're hanging with the insurance so we felt like not proclaiming the good news just yet.

After that check-up, we were able to get the pregnancy certification that's very much needed for the processing of insurance so I fixed all papers and mailed it in fast the next day. We felt like we're running out of time and we had to do thing really in a snap. No time to waste to stake on our baby's health. It was noted with the downloaded handbook for AIM that wait period for approval will be around 10days. That 10days feels like so long for excited soon-to-be parents like us but we had to be patient with everything. We were literally counting days from the time we received the confirmation notice that our docs were received. That made us more anxious actually.

Nearly 10 days and there, we had our prayers answered! Finally a feedback from AIM saying I was approved for the insurance and coverage starts by September 5. Great! It felt like a thorn was taken out of our heart, now we know we're secured until I give birth plus baby will be covered once applied a month before due date. Aside from the coverage, I was assigned to an OB-Gyn so all I needed to do was to wait for other papers from the insurance provider for an immediate check-up appointment. There were still certain procedures that I had to follow, lots of calls and all but I need not to expound on those things.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support!
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Tekkaus said...

Yay! I am the first again! LOL :D

Well congrates to you and your hubs Ayie! Finally it is confirm! And in another few more guys will be proud parents! Aww...I'm so happy for both of you! :P

JIF Hub said...


Many many thanks to you Tekkaus! Hopefully everything runs smooth.


Tes said...

Oh wow, finally, an insurance to fall back on! Wonderful news, Ayie! You guys hold on tight...the roller coaster of parenthood is soon about to zoom! Take care, girl, do not overtax yourself. :)

LifeRamblings said...

that's a piece of good news. enjoy the wondrous miracle that is occurring inside of you Ayie.

Ayie said...


I know Tes, it will be a rollercoaster ride! A scary, bumpy but fun ride =) Thanks so much for the concern =)

Ayie said...


Hi LR! Indeed a good news, finally we were able to breathe and we feel more secured now. I've been having medical tests and all and everything's covered now. That's a great thing or else that's an easy $1k. We're getting more and more excited everyday =)

happy monday!

Jackie said...

Oh Ayie, I am just an awful friend!! I truly am!! You have been going through all of this and stopping by and stopping by and each time I start to come here something happens to my connection, the phone rings, or something goes hay wire and I then I forget.

Please forgive me. I will try from now on to be a good and supportive friend!!

I am glad and so excited to hear this news!! Wow, you're going to be a mommy. I know how that feels!! It truly is a miracle.

It is absolutely the most incredible thing I as a woman have experienced and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Wow, I am so so happy I finally made it over here and on a day with good news too!!

You have been the best friend in the world to me and I owe you a big big apology!! So with all of my heart I am sending you one!!

I am also a great big hug and wishes for a fantastic day!!


Jackie said...

I also just realized that you are not on my blog roll. There's simply no excuse for that!! I am stopping every thing right now and heading over to add you!!

Happy Monday!!:-)

Ayie said...


Oh dear no worries, I'm happy to visit you from time to time. Thank you so much for coming over and leaving such sweet comments. You are truly so dear!

Yes the excitement runs through our minds now...a bit scared coz my family's not here with me but I'm ok since hubs is very supportive.

happy monday to you too!

Finally my schedule's more free this week and hopefully it will be the rest of the week so i can be back to my blog hopping =)

thanks so much jackie! hugs!!

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