My First Doctor Visit

After counting months and still no good news with the insurance, we knew that it's about time to really have a doctor check-up already. Baby's turning 3mos and it's not healthy to keep it that way. Even if I'm having some care from my doctor in the Philippines, still I have to see how baby's doing. We nailed down a schedule and finally set the doctor's appointment. We also need that for the insurance policy that we are going to apply for. During the wait time, we have been researching for insurances that will cover the pregnancy needs especially for that. Glad that we found an option. We can't stake on a long wait for the insurance to kick in so action must be done.

For those moms-to-be here in US (CA) I'd like to share you this info we got as we were searching for an insurance policy for me. For those low-income families you can try applying for
Medi-Cal. They have an immediate policy for pregnant women designed for her needs. Another one which is very efficient is AIM or Access for Infants and Mothers Program. Since we don't qualify for the Medi-Cal and the wait time is longer we opted for AIM. But these things can only get started once you submit their forms consisting of medical certification of your pregnancy. Of course you'll have to spend to get those things done and we did. August 13, we went to the woman's clinic near my husband's office. We chose it there so he can conveniently come for my schedule.

I was quite nervous that day thinking of many things like if baby's fine, am I in good shape an all. First step was the application forms as usual then I was called in for the check-up. Hubs was just in time and we came in together. Here goes the procedures: (1) get weight and blood pressure data (2) collect urine sample for pregnancy testing (3) pap-smear to check infections and detect cancer (4) ultrasound & heartbeat check (5) doctor's assessment (6) blood chem and after all the procedures we were given the prints of our baby's ultrasound and pre-natal vitamins supply. The pap-smear was a bit ouch, i never liked it because it hurts whenever I have it done but it's one important way of ruling out cancer as early detection. Lab results won't be out the same day, you'll have to wait for a week or two because all samples will be brought to the Pathology Laboratories for testing and from there results will be sent back to the clinic.

Our day turned out ok. Despite giving out 4 vials of blood samples, the pain of getting some cells for the pap-smear and the whopping $800-1000 cash-out for the check-up.... it was worth all the pains and expenses. We finally confirmed we're having a "kicking" baby in my womb. I can't forget how I took my eyes off the ultrasound monitor just to enjoy staring at my husband who was in full awe. He had this pasted huge smile while watching our baby kick up and down and later on thumbsuck probably being tired of all the jumping. We clearly saw the heart beating, the head, arms and legs. This is our first baby, my first ever pregnancy so you can imagine how much we were filled with joy! The insurance matters were forgotten for a while because we were celebrating for our little angel. We're so thankful to God for the blessings...most especially for this new life inside me.
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betchai said...

wow, wish you, your baby and your hubby well Ayie. I am happy for you. Hope you get a good insurance for you that will help you with the care and cost. Healthcare here in America is very expensive without insurance.

Mummy Gwen said...

Glad to know baby is well and kicking...and Mommy too. Whoa..your check-up costs alot huh. That's too much. I hope you get a good insurance ganda.

Tes said...

Oh wow, wonderful news that the baby is well! Congratulations, Ayie! A miracle indeed -a life inside of you! That check up was costly. Hope you find a good insurance soon :)

Tekkaus said...

Woot! Woot! Glad to know junior is doing well! I believe papa and mama are very excited huh!

Hmmm..the insurance thingy is America is really troublesome huh! Or perhaps it happens everywhere. :P

Tekkaus said...

Anyway have a great weekend Ayie :)

Salitype said...

congrats, ayie!can't wait for your up-dates ....ha!ha!ha!

good to hear about the health insurance...

Ayie said...


Healthcare here is darn'll die before you even get yourself treated if you don't get to have any insurance or cash. Thanks Betchai!

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

too much right? That money could've been so nice to use for shopping instead! ahahaha

Ayie said...


OH I'm so touched with all your concern...thanks peeps. I'll keep you updated for the next post.

Ayie said...


I think here in US coz in the Philippines it's ok. If you have cash you can get in hospital and pay trhough cash, if you don't have gov't facilities would be the other option and if you have insurance then you are covered.

Thanks! my weekend was a bit tiring but ok. you?

Ayie said...


there's more light with the insurance here on this chapter but more updates later. Stay tuned! thanks!

ladyviral said...

I remember when I felt my nephew kicked my sister! I even saw his foot at my sister's stomach! It was so exciting! teehee! What was your feeling when junior does that?

Oh don't worry so much... it will affect the baby's mood somehow... you need to be a happy apple!

Ayie said...


I still can feel the movements since I'm only on my 4th month now barely 18wks. From this month on there will be a lot more changes and baby will grow more. Don't worry, everything will be documented here! haha

ok, a happy apple like you said! =)

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