Time To Announce

We have decided to finally announce to friends and relatives about the pregnancy thingie after confirming with the 2nd ultrasound. We were so held back with that decision because it's hard when you are bombarded with questions and yet you are still dealing with things. This is our first baby, first in all experiences about the pregnancy deals so we're really checking when things should be out and not. We're just glad finally we can set off the's something not to be kept but well proclaimed! Thank you for all the well wishes and congratulatory greetings!

ps: I'm still catching up with my posts here and the announcement was like mid September on my 4th month roughly 17-18wks
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Tekkaus said...

Haha :D So now the secret is out. The cat is out of the bags. LOL :D Can't wait to see your little junior is...another few more months. Will he follows your foot step and be a blogger? :p

Ayie said...

hahaha most likely? mom and dad are bloggers and we even share the same profession...i guess our kid will be quite confined with the thought! haha! We'll be more than willing to pass on the blogs to him/her in time =)

Jean Stockdale said...

How thrilling. Congratulations. May God richly bless you as you "train up a child in the way he (or she) should go". Blessings on your new addition.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I write to encourage women in the holy occupation of mothering!! So stop by anytime. jean

ladyviral said...

But we knew all a long!

So guess after everything is confirm and stablization, it is time to let the cat out of the bag! Woot!

Wow that bump... Can I touch it! hehehe... Oh junior got a godmother now. So sweet.

Oh Happy birthday to your best friend too!

Oh I need to email you.. I will get to it! Soon :P. Some of the sentences are in my draft, I will send it off soon (as soon I think it is long enough to bored you out hehehe).

life ramblings said...

the ultrasound scan couldn't be wrong, right? MY first pregnancy was exciting and delightful and full of all kinds of new experiences. hope your pregnancy is smooth sailing for the rest of the months.

i pray the best for you and your little angel.

Tes said...

Oh wow, finally the announcement to friends. It all sound so exciting, Ayie! :)

Ayie said...


Thanks for checking this out too...just to lt you know I'm the same author of jif photojournal =)

Thanks for the greetings!

Ayie said...


We finally announced it to all! well most...hehe

The bump's getting bigger now...hehe touch it if you can =P even h=give it a rub! haha

thanks for greeting bes too =)

wait for my very late email too ok

Ayie said...


Not too sure with the ultrasound yet since we didn't really see so clear. I hope it will be further verified on the next visits. Thanks for the well wishes, I badly need it. There has been many things things happening lately thus making my days s stressful. So are you done with baby girl and no more plans of adding to your brood?

Ayie said...


I received many replies already from the announcement...maybe I will share this blog soon so no need to update will all be here =)

Thanks Tes!

Frugal Vicki said...

Congratulations! I was VERY nervous with my first (and heck, even with my second!). I am very happy for you!

Ayie said...


Thanks! Ummm, you made me a little nervous there! haha!

life ramblings said...

i've 3 teletubbies which is more than enough for me. Plus, it's hard to feel beautiful when u have a tummy like a deflated ballon after childbirth. it took careful diet and regular exercise to get my figure back.

Ayie said...


now you're making me nervous! ahahaha! i hope i can work on my figure back too =P I still want to be able to weat nice swimsuits or bikinis when we hit up the beach!

lina said...

I bet everyone was pretty happy to hear the news.

After my miscarriage and for my second pregnancy, I waited until I was more than 3 months before I told anyone. Just to be on the safe side...

Ayie said...


I got bunch of email replies that I haven't up to now answered all. =P

Oh my, you had miscarriage?! I'm just so glad you have Raimie now. I can't imagine the pain you had with what happened. We were also playing safe with the announcement and making sure baby's really fine before we broadcast it to everybody. Afraid of those uncertainties... it took us about 3-4mos before we announced. I practically announced it ahead here before I emailed my friends & relatives.

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