5th Doctor Visit & Bump Update

Last Thursday (nov 12) was a busy day for me. Another meeting with my doctor and thorough checking. I was kind of worried for my results because for the past week my sugar tests were higher than normal and I honestly don't know why since I've been following the recommended diet. Even if I'm trying my best to keep up with the strict diet the results won't justify my efforts. My numbers can't tell the doctor I was just this and that. Good thing those results were only during particular lunch meals and the rest are just fine. I'm trying to avoid having high results because I really don't want to take any medications to control blood sugar. No, no! I want to minimize medicine intake thinking it might harm baby in the long run.

After all the procedures like blood pressure, urinalysis and weight measurement, me and my doctor discussed things and assessed my food log and data sheet. I"m just thankful that she still said so far I'm doing good with the diet and maintaining my blood sugar. I just need to be more watchful and try to alter my meals during lunch time and probably more exercise (walk) to maintain healthy sugar level. I'll be seeing her again in 2wks time, a day before thanksgiving. I have to maintain a good record for my sake and baby.

Unfortunately I can't confirm yet this November 20 our baby's gender. The ultrasound schedule's moved to December 10. Doc said I'll just be on my 26th week and it's better to see baby on the 30th week. Me and hubs were greatly disappointed since we're very much expecting it and very eager to see baby once again. Well there's nothing more we can do but wait. So here are my baby bump photos to keep you all updated.

After my check-up I went to do some shopping. I considered the day as my day-off =) I told baby I will take him/her out for a nice shopping walk just to relax since I have been working so much lately. At this stage I read that baby can hear me everything and it's good to really talk to baby now.
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levian said...

finally a day off for you! that is so rare coming from you. :p the baby must be feeling so comfortable n soothing listening to its parents. glad to know everything is going well. your effort are not wasted! :)

lina said...

Good to hear baby & mommy are doing fine. :)

lina said...

We are also excited to know the baby's gender Ayie! :)

Tekkaus said... big already ar little junior. :D

Tekkaus said...

Glad to know that both you and lil junior are doing great. Have a nice day ya. :)

ladyviral said...

Day off for you yay~ You haven't had one for some time now.

Well, controlling your food intake and eating healthy should lessen down the intake of medications.

Do make sure to take care :).

Ayie said...


I enjoyed that day off, I was doing some project for several weeks and it's taking a toll on my sched.

Ayie said...


It was really disappointing but what can we do? The doctor is the one ordering the schedules. Oooh few more weeks....

Ayie said...


Have a nice day to you too tekkaus!

It has to get bigger, I'm on my 6th month now =)

Ayie said...


I will, thank you and I will remember that!

My husband complains I'm a very active girl! Hahaha! Just like last Sat after waking up I prepared brekfast then moved around the house left for grocery then after being back I sorted clothes for laundry and headed off to the laundromat. He said I can never get still.

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope no more high results in your blood sugar test. still can do so many things when you are pregnant? Me..I just wanted to stay in bed and rest..hehe.

You should rest more. :)

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

I also hope but it's not that easy to really maintain.

I still do many things even clean the house. I try to rest but I'm not really used just laying down. Hopefully I will force myself to rest next month. =P

levian said...

it was because you can't sit still anyway wasn't it. :p but it is good i guess, they said to exercise n do more stuff outdoors during pregnancy is good for the baby? :)

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

You're doing your best to control the blood sugar, and walking at the mall is great for your exercise..

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