GDM Risks to Baby and Mommy

To continue my Gestational Diabetis post here are important things we all need to know about GDM risks both to baby and mommy.

  • Your baby may grow too big. Like what i said having uncontrolled high blood sugar results to baby's rapid body growth. If blood sugar stays too high then the baby might be too big for a normal vaginal delivery without injuring baby's arms and shoulders. Of course not only baby suffers injury but mommy also during delivery. The best way is to do C-section in which mommy will be incised or cut in your abdomen and uterus.
  • Baby's organs may not be fully developed before birth. Some cases of having too high blood sugar, baby might have to be born earlier or too soon (Preterm Birth). Then baby's lungs may not work well (Respiratory Distress Syndrome - RDS) so as the liver causing baby to ba yellow (jaundiced) after birth.
  • Baby's blood sugar may be low after birth. If blood sugar tays too high, baby makes extra insulin and even after birth. This can result to baby's low blood sugar and must be treated accordingly.
  • Baby could be stillborn. This is very rare but baby could die before birth if blood sugar stays too high for too long. (please don't ask me why, I honestly don't know)
  • Mommy might have high blood pressure. High blood sugar makes it more likely to have high blood pressure during pregnancy (preeclampsia) and this is a serious danger to mommy's health. This could also cause baby to be delivered early.
  • Mommy may have more infections. High blood sugar makes it more likely to have bladder, kidney and vaginal infections.
  • Mommy may be uncomfortable or short of breath. High blood sugar can cause too much fluid around the baby (polyhydramnios) and tummy gets big and pushes on lungs. Early labor might take effect.

Everything I wrote here came from all the reading materials I've been checking from time to time. May this serve as a simple guide for everybody to be more aware of this matter. You may click on the highlighted links if you want to further read about it.
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levian said...

more information! this time it is easier to understand since it was all listed in point forms. there are so many signs to look out for. we are lucky that the medical knowledge is widely known these days. :)

lina said...

As always very informative Ayie!

lina said...

How's baby kicking now? :)

Ayie said...


So you understand it better now? GDM is about blood sugar and the concern you were saying last time was about the blood compatibility (if I guess it right).

Ayie said...


This is for everybody Lina, I am new to this and even far from my mom's care so I'm thinking maybe others experience the same thing. Better to share than keep it all to yourself right?

baby's been kicking =)sometimes surprises me with a strong one or two =P

Tekkaus said...

OMG! it is that serious? :( Then I'd better tell my wife about this. :p

Thanks for sharing Ayie.

Ayie said...


Don't worry as long as it's controlled it will be ok and not all expectant moms suffer from this.

Dora said...

It's a good info for sharing. Have u start talking to your baby?

Ayie said...


Hi! We talk to baby from time to time and I even sing to baby at times. I know now the schedule more or less when baby's active and sleeping. I feel more connected with him/her now. Thanks for coming here.

Anonymous said...

Great information, Ayie! I hope more people would read this post, especially if they have gestational diabetes!

Mummy Gwen said...

Ayie ganda, good info. I hope you have a smooth pregnancy. You are in your 2nd trimester right? Maybe you should put a pregnancy ticker on your blog..haha. Take care ya.

Ayie said...


I also hope Icy. I want to share what I'm learning. I hope this blog can reach all of them.

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

Yup on my 2nd trimester going to third =) I'm in between 5.5-6mos now. That's a good idea, a pregnancy ticker! I will check on that =) Thanks and goodnight to you and baby Gwen!

levian said...

it sure sounds like it - the poison thingy. but i do believe it to be a very rare case. sorry about frightening you, i do not meant to increase your stress level. you are doing great! no worries. ;)

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