Post Break: I didn't Know I was Pregnant

One biggest risk in pregnancy is not knowing about it, and how can this be possible? Believe it or not it happened to some ladies out there. We were dumbfounded to see that show on tv "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant" showing reenactment of how those ladies gave birth thinking they were just having a painfully killing stomach ache. Little did they know they were on labor already that time. Some made it through the hospital and some actually gave birth in the bathroom with the thought that they just had to relieve themselves. Some of the reasons why they didn't detect or even suspect such pregnancy: 1) due to their very irregular periods & polycystic ovary issues 2) use of contraceptives and safe sex 3) not so evident weight gain and baby bump

Risks for moms and babies are at high stake due to lack of proper care. Some of them had a very active life working on heavy tasks and even some used to smoke and drink alcohol. So far all reenactments showed positive birth results for the babies but of course most of them are not in better shape. Like all the previous posts I wrote here I mentioned the importance of prenatal visits, vitamins and healthy lifestyle for every expectant mothers or else many complications might happen both to mom and baby.

I realized one big thing after watching this show. It's very important for all of us ladies to be very aware and observant with ourselves. Being conscious not only on the outer appearance but also our whole well-being. May this serve as a lesson to all and also a guide to keep us all on the right track. Too bad I don't remember the channel but you may try to search it over and they might have some clips about the show.

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ladyviral said...

hmmm those without a sign at all seems dangerous. it is indeed everyone need to watch their body... not just for pregnancy afterall for everything :P.

Ayie said...


Dangerous because of many factors and it's right that we closely observe ourselves pregnant or not.

lina said...

For me, during my first and second pregnancy, I monitored my menstrual cycle so when I was a few days late, I went for the pregnancy test.
My endocrinologist advised me to immediately alert her and stop all medication once I think I'm pregnant so there is no such thing as not knowing being pregnant for me.

For those who didn't know that they are pregnant and gave birth afterwards, I don't know... are they not aware of their own body?

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

By accident, I just saw a show on what you're mentioned here, and the lady gave birth to healthy baby girl in the toilette, but she still didn't realize that it was a baby because she also loss lot of blood, until the baby cried!

911 actually had to tell the father to take the baby out of the toilette! Image that..

Ayie said...


It's really bizarre how they didn't get to know and not even a hint that they are pregnant. It totally freaked me and hubs out watching the reenactment how they gave birth. It was horrible. I don't know how it happened to them but as for me i was really monitoring and checking my body.

Ayie said...


You also saw it? I saw how they gave birth in the bathroom not knowing there's a baby in there. Poor little babies! I felt scared seeing all those clips actually. That gave me a cue to be extra conscious about my body most specially by the time I conceived. I don't want that to happen to my baby.

Dora said...

yeah I read the news whereby some women really don't know they're pregnant 'til their labour, that's very scary!

Ayie said...


It's so unbelievable if we didn't get to see any clips or news about it. It is very scary.

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