GDM Prevention and Treatment

As food is digested it turns into sugar (glucose) and goes into the bloodstream. Then insulin is being released to help the body use blood sugar. So technically speaking the culprit in diabetis isn't just sugar alone but the food that we take. Therefore controlling blood sugar can help prevent problems.

Blood sugar can be lowered by eating right, exercising and worse case taking insulin. If the blood sugar is kept in control, this lessens the pregnancy risks. It is very important to follow a strict nutritional diet for expectant mothers with Gestational Diabetis to ensure both mother and baby's safety. Doctors and dietitians or nutritionists will work hand in hand to give the utmost care needed by the expectant mom with GDM.

How can you check your blood sugar regularly? Just like what I've been doing for the past month doing my own glucose monitoring. I was given a small device to check and record my blood sugar an hour after my meals. This should be done everyday or as instructed. If in any case the diet just won't work for you and blood sugar really shoots up, you might have to take insulin or some medications to lower it.

It is very important to choose the right foods, the healthier the better and cut off oily and fatty foods. Include whole grains for health and energy, protein rich foods, fruits, veggies, milk and vitamins in your diet. These are all essential for baby's growth and to sustain and nourish the body during pregnancy. No no with alcohols! This won't do any good to you and baby! Make sure you gain just the right amount of weight during pregnancy. For most women this will be around 25-35 pounds. Drastic weight gain isn't really advisable and must be checked accordingly. Exercising safely and regularly is very recommendable, nothing strenuous even just a brief 10mins walk will be good enough. Also feel baby's movement everyday. Try to be observant enough because later on baby's kicks and movements will have to be recorded. This also ensures that baby's actively moving inside.

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levian said...

it sounds to be already a 24 hours job before the baby is born. no wonder they say mothers are the real heroes. from the sound of your confidence in this post, you are already getting the hang on it, aren't you? ;)

ladyviral said...

A healthy diet will keep the bay and the mommy strong :).

Bengbeng said...

that is why a woman once told me it is an honor to carry a child n not a burden at all

Tekkaus said...

Indeed mothers are heroes. I agree whole-heartedly! :(

foongpc said...

I think this habit of keeping the blood sugar under control is not only for pregnant ladies but for everyone! You are right about eating healthy! We should be eating healthy all the time, except for rare occasions like a party or something.

And since all the food we eat will turn into sugar, that means it's not just sugary food we must be aware of.

Ayie said...


I am fortunate enough to have a personal hand with our little elisse and I was really like her mom the way I cared for her. It's a tough job, I can't compare it to regular office employment because babies need special care unlike jobs that we routinely do. I hope I'll do good with it.

Ayie said...


That's true, both for mommy and baby =)

Ayie said...


It's a totally different feeling carrying your baby feeling flutters and movements. Right now baby's a little bit stretching inside and it keeps me smiling =)

Ayie said...


That's why I salute my mother how she raised me. I can't thank her enough because she truly made me ready to face this married life.

Ayie said...


That's a very good point, yes it applies to everybody. I eat good during parties because those only come in occasions.

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