First Few Days With Baby

What moms need to know:
  • New moms need to learn how to: hold, feed, burp, bathe the baby, care for the baby's belly button, change diapers and care for the baby boy's penis after circumcision.
  • New babies can sleep 16-18hrs a day. They may wake often and then go back to sleep.
  • Babies may have hiccups or sneeze. This is normal due to their developing lungs and sneezing is a way of the baby to clear his/her nasal passage.
  • Babies cry to tell you they need something like if they are: hungry, tired and sleepy, needs diaper change, have gas pains, feels too hot or too cold or wants to be carried and rocked.
  • It's important to burp the baby after feeding. Burp baby =after every 1/2-1oz of formula or after each breast feeding.
It is very important for moms to spend quality time with their baby to create a mother-baby bonding. This way the mother can learn how to communicate with her baby and makes it easier for her to know what her baby tries to tell her. Expect sleepless nights at first since the baby is not adjusted yet to our usual day and night. Be patient and let baby feel your most loving care for him/her.
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Tekkaus said...

Make the baby burp? How? :D

lina said...

Aaah... these brings back memories of caring for baby Raimie. :)

Ayie said...


i will post some illustrations or videos on how to do that

Ayie said...


another baby then!!!! raimie's big boy already =P

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