Having A Baby

Having a baby is so challenging most especially being a first time mom. Everything brand new, totally an experience of a lifetime. Now my life is not just about me and my husband, we have a very important addition who needs so much love and care.

It's hard to be a mom because of the demands you need to fulfill for your baby but little by little things are getting better. I get to adjust now with baby and we understand each other more. Spending great quality private time with baby is a must, that helps a lot in building good communications between mommy and baby. Since daddy's always out to the office, I make sure to explain and tell baby where's daddy so he knows as early as now how things are. He will understand why mommy tends to him more than daddy.

Every mom and dad must have the patience to understand and know their babies sicne they communicate in different ways. Having deep connection is important, that builds a solid relationship between the child and the parents.
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lina said...

How true Ayie.

And having a baby surely change one's look at life.

lina said...

I have been trying to leave comments all day yesterday, finally can do it today. Yeay!

Ayie said...


another technical prob i guess, anyway thanks for being patient and for coming back to leave your comment

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