Post Break: When He Grows Up

Babies grow up so fast so as early as now we are starting to think of our travel plans. We are actually excited with the thought of him growing traveling to places. Of course we already included every kids' fantasy world, the disneyland and also going back home to see my family and visit nice beaches there. We also want to bring baby to Ghibli Museum in Japan. So many places more that we want to go to but that will come when he grows up.

Having him exposed to nature and animals is one thing we want him to experience too so safaris and zoos will be great options. So far there are several places I know where there are good safaris to visit like Singapore, Indonesia, San Diego, Calatagan and of course Africa. Speaking of Africa the South side has good places and hotels to stay in. It would be nice to go have a dip in the ocean by the Cape Town waterfront hotels after a hot outdoors day. It's almost just as nice as the tropics with the lush greens, staying in Sun City hotels like the cabanas. Here perhaps some evening fun in the casinos can be a good side activity even just to try some slots and just to look around. Travels won't be complete without some sightseeing and music just like what Sandton hotels in Johannesburg can offer.

So many options and places to see and it will definitely take thorough planning before we get into any travels deals just yet but planning ahead can make a big difference =)

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Tekkaus said...

It's good to bring our little one our right? :D

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