Safety Tips For Babies

Newborn babies are so "fragile" so we have to be extra careful in handling our babies. Here are some safety tips that you might find helpful once you bring your baby home:
  • Use a crib with rails/bars spacing less than 2 3/8 inches with a firm mattress.
  • Be careful with suffocation and bed accidents, don't put baby to sleep in your bed or another child's bed. If needed, make sure you buffer baby's zone.
  • Do not put pillows, stuffed animals or toys in the crib.
  • Don't put baby down on a waterbed or soft pillow.
  • Put baby to sleep on his/her back.
  • Always put baby in car seat when riding in a car. Make sure it's rear facing placed on the back seat and make sure it is securely installed.
  • Never leave baby alone in the car even just for a few minutes.
  • Do not tie a pacifier or anything else around baby's neck to avoid choking.
  • Do not leave baby alone on sofa, changing table or other high places to avoid fall.
  • Never hit nor shake your baby.
  • Do not hold baby while cooking or drinking hot liquids.
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