Baby Budget Extra, Social Spark To My Aid

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As you all know I am a first time mom and also self-employed. Me and my husband decided even before we conceived baby that I stay at home and work on my freelancing so by the time we have a baby, I can be full hands-on taking care of him. It worked pretty good for us for a year and now that we have a baby I want to have some extra budget through online opportunities. This is how I got acquainted with SocialSpark, blogger friend Betchai told me about it.

I have been blogging full-time for a year already and I'm really enjoying it. I met many friends through the blog world and it kept me "company" during my lonely moments after leaving home and migrating to the other side of the world. My freelancing job is doing good but the economy hasn't picked up so well yet therefore there's no abundance of works and also me being a full-time mom has a limited work time compared when I didn't have my baby. As everybody says, babies are expensive... I can totally agree with that. Having some back up help financially is very important for us right now that's why I'm taking my chance in Socialspark_small.

Signing up was easy and I did it after I read through the Code of Ethics, which in overall sense tells about being honest with your post reviews and to indicate that it's a paid post. Simple and direct to the point. To all those blogger moms and all other bloggers out there who are trying to find extra means of income maybe you can try to Sign up for SocialSpark too and see what it can do for you.

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