Post Break: Mother's Day Meal

The car was running and we were heading to Mario's for a quick Mother's Day outing. I forgot to set the new alarm I’d just gotten from and had to go in to set it The kids ordered the usual hamburgers and fries. My wife and I had the veal. As usual it was a filling meal and pretty good. It was priced right considering the hit the economy performed on us.

Living in the big city is not my idea of the good life, but we try to make the best of it. Going out to eat from time to time on the kids' birthdays, holidays and special days like today. Since I wasn't driving I was able to wash down the meal with a couple of Beck's beers. I wouldn't think of driving after drinking.

When we arrived home the usual thirst hit us all, with all the spices and additives they put in the food. Too bad the restaurant can't follow the customers home and sell them things to drink. We turned in early that night, and started to wonder where we would eat out the next excuse for a day or night out arrived. All in all it was a fine afternoon out, though the kids were complaining as usual.

Written by Roger Fuller

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Tekkaus said...

So you and your family dined out during the last mother's day? :p

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