Is It Safe For Baby?

Co-sleeping is a practice in which babies and young children sleep in close proximity to one or both parents, as opposed to a separate room. It is standard practice in many parts of the world, and is practiced by a significant minority in countries where cribs are also used. Bed-sharing, a practice in which babies and young children sleep in the same bed with one or both parents, is a subset of co-sleeping. Co-bedding refers to infants (typically twins or higher order multiples) sharing the same bed. There are conflicting views on bed-sharing safety and health compared to using a separate infant bed. The conflicts surrounding infant sleep are exacerbated by the misuse of the term co-sleeping interchangeably with bed sharing.


Is co-sleeping safe for your baby? Here are some views about co-sleeping, advantages & disadvantages to serve as a guide for parents.

  • Co-sleeping encourages breastfeeding by making nighttime breastfeeding more convenient. The accessibility is very important, if baby and mommy are sleeping together then breastfeeding is definitely a lot more convenient. I did this with my baby and it's true. Be very careful though because the baby is very fragile, if you are not too cautious you might hurt and suffocate your baby.
  • It makes it easier for a nursing mother to get her sleep cycle in sync with her baby's. If baby is sleeping in a separate bed or his crib, the communication between him and mommy is not too direct. Having to sleep together can give mom and baby better communication when it comes to sleep. Mommy then can take the chance to rest too while baby's enjoying his slumber.
  • It helps babies fall asleep more easily, especially during their first few months and when they wake up in the middle of the night. Mommy being just there beside baby can attend to baby right in an instant. Baby then can feed easily and not needing to wake up in longer period to wait for mommy to notice he's up for his next feeding.
  • It helps babies get more nighttime sleep (because they awaken more frequently with shorter duration of feeds, which can add up to a greater amount of sleep throughout the night). Just like I said above the faster you attend to your baby, the better.
  • It helps parents who are separated from their babies during the day regain the closeness with their infant that they feel they missed. This is more likely for working moms. Those mos who had to leave their babies and will just end up seeing them at the end of the day. Breastfeeding promotes great sense of bonding and closeness between mom and baby so as co-sleeping. Baby can feel mommy and mommy can nurse baby too. It might just be hard because work has consumed your energy already making you less aware of certain actions that can put harm to baby.

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lina said...

It certainly created a close bond for me and son. :)
And so much easier not needing to be up and go to the next room when feeding time in the middle of the night! :D

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