Post Break: How Online Shopping Has Improved My Lifestyle

It is amazing how many great purchases I've been able to make since I got my computer and internet service in my little country town. I have to drive 30 miles one way just to get to a major shopping center or anywhere that I could find what I need at an affordable price.

I did not realize until two years ago when I finally got a computer how much I was missing out on! I had dial up services and decided to sign up for access to videos to learn how to set up my own website, but found that was a grave mistake because I could not view the videos with dial up. I was frantic because I had paid a pretty penny for use of those videos and couldn't even watch them.

My only other option turned out to be hughesnet internet so I ordered it and I was sure glad I did because not only could I watch the videos just fine with it but my online shopping experiences quickly started to save me lots of money. I shop for my mother's clothing needs online and she loves it when a package arrives for her.

I recently had to replace my computer and was thrilled to find that TigerDirect had some great prices on refurbished computers and I ordered one for under $200 and I absolutely love it. I didn't have to leave my home and drive 60+ miles round trip, shipping was free and I paid no taxes on it, so I ordered an awesome digital camera from them a few months later.

I find incredible deals online now and cannot imagine having to get in my car and spend all that time and money every time I need something. It's also much easier to compare prices and take advantage of sales for internet purchases only.

This is a guest post by Mike Stanton! Thanks Mike!

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