Preventing Diaper Rash

The best way to prevent diaper rash is by keeping your baby's skin as dry and clean as possible and changing diapers often so that feces and urine won't irritate the skin.

HOw can you prevent baby from having diaper rash?

  • change your baby's soiled or wet diapers as soon as possible, don't wait til the diaper is too heavily soiled before doing so
  • occasionally soak your baby's bottom between diaper changes with warm water by running tap water over it or by squirting with a water bottle, clean and squeaky.. fresh as can be
  • allow your baby's skin to dry completely before you put on another diaper, very important as moisture tends to promote skin rash
  • pat the skin gently with a soft cloth when drying it — rubbing can lead to irritation
  • put the diaper on loosely to prevent chafing, if the onesie is already short just leave it unbuttoned so diaper doesn't hug baby too much
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Tekkaus said...

Yay! Learnt something new today. :)

ladyviral said...

Didn't diaper companies develop fast absorbant diapers? :P

mimi said...

Yes! good facts!

Ayie said...

LV, you're back!!!

Oh dear even if the diapers nowadays are fast absorbent and says extra dry it;s better to keep changing the diapers when it's soiled. Baby skin is so sensitive so extra care is much needed too. Btw you have a tag in jif pj =)

I'm off now to sleep, just finished cooking for tomorrow =P nyt!

Ayie said...


there will be more tekkaus...keep coming =)

Ayie said...


moms out there better be not too tight on your diaper counts right?

lina said...

good tips Ayie. :)

Ayie said...


new mommies can make use of this =)

Edie Mindell said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips on how to prevent diaper rash. This is usually one problem a lot of us mothers experience, and you surely gave the best advice. Thanks!!!!

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