Mommy's Beauty

Motherhood is something very special, it's like a turning point in a woman's life finally giving a new life out in this world. Some women have smoother ride to mommyhood and some go through rough patches along the way. It's normal to feel stressed & tired sometimes but bear in mind that no matter how hard things could be for you, it will be all worth your time and sacrifice.

Moms should feel pretty and confident, don't you think so? Somehow you'll feel down after seeing all the changes in your body like weight gain, stretch marks, falling hair and big eye bags but don't let those things put pressure on you. You have to see through your inner self and look at the joys of having your little one.

You can do many things to feel good about yourself like going to the spa, having some mani and pedi or shopping. Buy women's pajamas, a pair of sandals or shoes, shirt, shorts, jeans, perfume or anything that will suit your fancy. I remember enjoying looking through the lingerie and women's pajamas rack whenever I go to the department stores. For me it was like retail therapy. I had to get new set of comfy clothes like womens pajamas and nursing wear so I can easily nurse my baby and just feel completely comfortable at home. That's my new "wardrobe" at home since I don't really go out as often as before. Being comfortable gives me a sense of peace and beauty.

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Mama needs to look good too aye? :p

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