Mornings with Sesame Street

Each morning, my son and I try to tune into Sesame Street. This is a good children's program because it teaches children many things. Some of the things a child can learn just by watching one program of Sesame Street are letters of the alphabet and numbers. Sesame Street also usually has a short storyline with good morals that teach children about sharing, caring for others or maybe taking care of things that are important to them. My son is able to relate to the characters as they go about their day on "Sesame Street".

There are real life situations that could possibly pertain to children in today's society and my son is able to learn how to resolve those issues from the characters as well as our teaching at home. We often discuss together the pros and cons of the story line and talk about how we could make the bad situations that happen on "Sesame Street" better. This show has been on korean satellite tv for many years and deserves to be continued for many more years as it is a very educational show for small children.

Thanks to John Kim for the guest post

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Tekkaus said...

I love Sesame Streets. :D

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