Post Break: Music and Stories

My children and I love music. One of our favorite activities is using our wild blue satellite internet to connect to YouTube where we play music videos and dance around the room. We like to take out our pretend microphone and sing along with the music, performing for one another. The kids have a blast imitating the dance moves seen in the music videos. As a parent, I am able to create playlists ahead of time that I feel are appropriate for young kids. It also gives us an opportunity to get exercise in, even on a rainy day.

The other thing we do as a family is put on an online radio station, such as one through Pandora or We have our favorite stations, artists and genres already picked out. So all we have to do is go to our bookmarked page and press play. This becomes good cleaning music or background music for get-togethers with family, or even a family dinner. The kids have their own stations and I have mine. When they are being good, I allow them to put on their favorite station as a reward. Sometimes the kids and I will relax on the bed and put on a free audio book from where we can hear classical fairy tales and even some modern ones read aloud to us

Thanks to guest blogger Mary Bedard for the guest post.
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Tekkaus said...

Audiobook? Cool! I have never heard of any. :D

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