Post Break: Searching for Baby Stores

Having baby J restricted me from being so mobile and being out and about. I used to do so much things outside before moving here and there, checking this and that. Now I can truly relate to people saying a baby can change your life.

Baby J is 4months old now and soon will be ready to take his first solid food. Me and my husband on the other hand are also preparing for his needs. I already secured his feeding sets and other small baby items but we still have to nail down getting his baby high chair. So far we have searched online to check prices and models but we have yet to see other baby furniture shops.

I am doing some local search through local yellowpages but there isn't much baby furniture shops to see. Most searches result to local restaurants and other establishments. Hopefully we will come down to a decision with his baby high chair, something that can grow with him. Not just the common cushioned baby chairs which cannot be used anymore as he grow bigger.

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lina said...

Good luck with baby furniture hunting, Ayie. :)

BTW, got baby Jariel's photo in the mail a few days back but never got around to e-mail a thank you note to you. Baby Jariel sure looks more and more adorable.

MaRie's my NaMe... Hello Stranger if your here your awsome !!! ^______^ said...

I'd highly recommend shopping at online baby stores like because they offer everything you need and it's so easy to find it all and buy it all in one place. I've had two girls and life doesn't have to stop when you are a parent. If you get the right stuff, then going out with baby can be super fun. I found that this online baby store offers all the key things like really cool and convenient strollers, messenger bags and other things to make going out with your baby easy. Hope that helps!

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