Post Break: Are Gadgets For Kids?

We now live in the modern era, therefore kids are more and more exposed to technology and gadgets. But are those gadgets for kids? Let's discuss the pros and cons of having our youngsters enjoy those custom laptops or custom computers, cellphones, game console and the like.

Parents have different views on their kids having these gadgets, of course we cannot just judge them as merely spoiling their kids whenever they give such things. Some parents claim that giving their kids cellphones in an early age is something they had to do for communication reasons. Like having easier way of contacting them when they are in school or somewhere else. I admit there are good and bad but it's hard to weigh the need of every individual for such things. Console for kids on the other hand is something we can easily understand, it's for their entertainment.

Pros & cons of having kids exposed to custom computer / custom laptop
  • early learning about technology and computers * kids who get too inclined to this opts not to interact much
  • many educational sites for kids * unsupervised use can lead to abusive internet browsing including adult sites
  • can help with school assignments * sometimes they rely on internet too much and not read homeworks anymore and just research for the answers
  • form of entertainment * kids might be inclined to keep playing games unsupervised
Having said all these, bottom line is that parents should set limits to their kids and closely supervise them with these things. These are not bad for them but if used abusively, it will be. For our children's well being we have to be a bit strict also on implementing rules to follow most especially involving those influential gadgets out there.
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Tekkaus said...

Exposed them to the technology but don't let them use it alone. For example monitor them while they are surfing the net. :)

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