Post Break: No Lockers

I am happy to find out two of my other friends are pregnant. I just know how happy it feels like the moment you knew you are carrying your first baby. I can totally relate to their joy and excitement.

I am no expert when it comes to pregnancy that's why I educated myself through books and other reading materials. All those came in handy because I learned so many things about pregnancy and the preparations that I needed to do. It's true that you can never be really so prepared for the final time but there are things that you can get ready ahead to help you get by with more ease.

One thing that's very important to prepare ahead is the hospital bags for mommy and baby. Take note that some hospitals don't have lockers for your clothes but there are some which provide at least a single locker or a closet unit to hang your clothes. But it's always nice to have at least even just some extra wood lockers to keep the hospital room clutter free.

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lina said...

Congrats to your two friends! :)

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