6th Doctor Visit & Bump Update

Last November 25 was another doctor visit for me and baby. I got a little late for my check-up because I had to be there 15mins earlier and I overlooked my schedule thinking it's 11:15am. I came 11:00am just right on time for my appointment but I still had to register and do some procedures. Good thing I am always punctual with all my other appointments and doc was okay with the slight delay. It is very important to be on time with your schedules because it will cause delay also for others later on. If ever we have good valid reason then we can be waived form the tardiness. In my case it wasn't just overlooking time but I had to deliver something important to my husband's office on my way to the clinic. That also caused my delay. Oh well too much lectures on being late, now about the check up.

I really can't update you much here since it's all the same routine. Doc said baby's heart rate is good around 150-160, my tummy measures 28 which is just right, my blood pressure is good and weight gain is just okay. She of course checked my blood sugar and food log and I passed, no need for any medications. I'm controlling my sugar levels good enough with my diet so I'm good.

Doctor uses a doppler fetal heart monitor to determine baby's heart rate. It's important for them to check the heart rate to determine if it's at normal rate, making sure baby's alive and growing. It's exciting whenever I hear the fast heartbeats somehow it gives me the feeling that baby's doing good. This is not an assurance of course but any mom-to-be will be more than ecstatic to know every single detail about her baby. I almost forgot, doctor also ordered me to go to the laboratory for my CBC (complete blood count) test. It was another unprepared day for a blood draw but thank goodness the new medtech who took my blood sample was very light handed. No pain this time! To check out what's the need for CBC test, just read here.
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levian said...

it is cool enough to know that things are going well for you. our best blessing to you! :)

Ayie said...


Thank you for always being so supportive!

Tekkaus said...

Heart beats! yay! Yay! :D I wanna be a papa too.

Ayie said...


Why not? GO for it Tekkaus! hehehe

ladyviral said...

the bump looks so cute o_o!

I have seen some that actually sags down! Yours seems to be all firm! *eager*

lina said...

Any strecth marks forming Ayie?

Ayie said...


You actually said the same thing as my bestfriend. She said something like my tummy looks good. I hope it will still look ok even if I reach the final months! hehe It's also starting to feel heavy now and it's hard when I'm seated I don't know where to place my hands to rest! Whenever I place on my tummy baby kicks it off like I have no right to rest my hands on my tummy!

Ayie said...


Oh speaking of which I am getting darned about stretchy! I know it's inevitable since my skin is not that elastic! hehe I'm having around the lower tummy area...sssshhhh. =P

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

It's great to know that your "bump" is growing beautifully, Ayie!

Ayie said...


Now it's so much bigger all of a sudden...feels heavy now too Icy.

Merryn said...

Great to hear everything's going great. Keep it up and eat healthy :)

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