8th Doctor Visit & Baby Development

It's amazing how days pass by so fast! It was just 2wks ago that I posted about my last doctor visit and here I am again sharing another visit I had last December 24. Yes, they have clinic on Christmas Eve! No ultrasound this time around but docotr measure my ever growing tummy again. So far I gained about 13.5lbs, my blood pressure is good, tummy size is just right, baby moves from time to time, baby's heartbeat okay and urine test negative meaning no infections.

I mentioned before that I am officially on my 3rd trimester, that last 3 months of my pregnancy. This is the best time to choose a doctor for the coming baby. As we think of getting ready for the new baby, our body also is getting ready for it. There might be uncomfortable feelings and tiredness. These are normal.

Fetal Developments:

During this last trimester (7th - 9th mos or 28 through 40 wks), baby grows a lot and getting stronger. As baby begins to take up much space, there is less room to move around. At the beginning of the 3rd trimester baby weighs about 2-3lbs and about 14-15 inches long (I can't imagine how a long baby can fit in my small body). By the end of the 7th month, baby will be about 4lbs and measure 16 inches. By that time also baby's nervous system is matured enough to control temperature and breathing. The lungs are now mature too. By the end of 7th month baby can now see even inside the womb it can see light outside the womb. The baby's head should be pointed down and as the due date gets closer, the head moves farther into the cervix. When this happens you might get some relief from heartburn and indigestion but can result to often urination since baby's putting more pressure on the bladder.
  • In the last trimester, a fetus gains about 1/2 lb each week or 2lbs each month
  • baby can heat inside the womb and can know the sound of mommy's voice, talking to baby will be best to do fro parents this time of development

How To Check Baby:

This time is when mommy checks baby's kick count or fetal kick count. (fetal movement) Through this you can determine how your baby's doing. I was also given a guide by my doctor about doing the fetal kick count. It's a s simple as counting how long it takes baby to move about 10 times or as guided by the doctor. Doping this can more or less tell you if baby is normal.

How To Do:
  • sit with feet up or lie down on side, check what time you start
  • put hands on tummy to feel baby's movements
  • count how many times baby moves, a move can be a kick, wiggle, twist, turn, roll or stretch (do not count baby's hiccups)
  • count up to 10moves, this should take less than one hour
  • once your baby has moved 10 times (or refer to your doctor's instructions with teh counts and timing) in less than 1hr, you can stop counting then you can go about the rest of the day
If baby doesn't move right away, don't panic or worry that baby's not fine. We have to consider that baby must be sleeping (and baby really sleeps good). You may do these:
  • drink something cold (cold water helps) or eat something
  • walk around for 5mins
  • then feel tummy for 1 more hour
Take note if baby doesn't move the whole day, you must report this to doctor so you and baby can be checked.

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Anonymous said...

Ayie, I'm so glad to know everything went well with the checkup! Hang in there with those sleepless nights during the last month.

Have a wonderful and great New Year!

Ayie said...


Thanks Icy, I am coping fine with the sleepless nights since I got used doing that during my busy days working but I try my best to keep myself rested for baby's sake. So far I'm trying also to be a good girl not to jeopardize my gdm =P

Happy new year to you too!

levian said...

ah, this is a detailed baby checking procedure. i like the way you put it into simple statements n we can imagine it perfectly ourselves. are you still moving around as much as you had previously? :p

Tekkaus said...

U am going to bear this in mind now. For I will find it handy... :p

foongpc said...

Good to know everything is going well for you and your baby. Very informative post this, yes may come in handy one day! : )

Ayie said...


I still do things around and move a lot but more cautious with my actions. I try not to do the heavier cleaning house chores now because not good for me and baby. Or at least do those little by little not to stress myself too much.

Ayie said...


You can always refer here when you need to check on things or email me if you need specific article. I will keep writing about pregnancy even when baby's born already. I want to share all the info I have here as much as possible.

Ayie said...


Thank you foong, all these write ups will always stay here. Come back anytime.

Tes said...

Glad to know the check up went well. It won't be long now, girl! Hang in there... You've got prayer partners here! :)

Ayie said...


Hi Tes! Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and support, so far so good and I will do my best to kep myself and baby healthy =)

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