Eating Healthy

It's important to follow healthy eating habits most especially when pregnant. I'll share this time some guides and tools that can provide proper nutrition for moms and baby!

7 Parts of Healthy Eating:
  • Protein for muscle growth and organs such as heart, brain, stomach, uterus, liver & cells.
  • Carbohydrates for energy.
  • Fat for energy & cell growth.
  • Vitamins to make organs, muscles, nerves & other body parts work right.
  • Minerals for healthy cell growth in bones, teeth & blood.
  • Fiber helps with food digestion & prevents certain diseases.
  • Water to help the entire body work properly.
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ladyviral said...

everything is important but... would the little one let us digest them is another question :P.

Ayie said...


You mean the baby inside? Preggers are prone to constipation so having lots of fiber rich foods most esp. fruits and veggies are good. It will be digested good also following the diet keeps your body with balanced nutrition =)

foongpc said...

Yes! Yes! very important to eat healthy even for us who are not pregnant or impossible to get pregnant! LOL!

Ayie said...


Eating healthy is a very good practice that will result to our benefits in the long run most esp as we age.

levian said...

balance is indeed important, especially for a healthy development of the baby. i heard that it's gonna be a boy! congratulation ayie, the both of you must be so excited welcoming him into the family now! :)

Ayie said...


Thanks Levian, yes it's a boy! Finally confirmed last doctor visit.

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