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Getting to the hospital at any time is very important not only when you are due labor already. There are cases when emergencies arise aside from the usual doctor visits. Make sure to always have you car ready for such event. Better have it tune up, brake inspection, wheel alignment, oil change and all to assure it's up and running by the time you need it most.

What are things to be considered aside from your trusty car? Make sure you have someone you can count on to take you to the hospital if you can't make it on your own in the hospital. have a back up plan if ever that first person is not available, Make sure you have all important phone numbers with you may it be emergency, doctor, relatives, friends and others who live nearby who can help you if needed. If you have children try to secure ahead where you can leave them or who can take care of them once you go to the hospital. It's better that you know different routes going to the hospital and a back up plan for another hospital in case of unlikely circumstances.

It's better to be ready because we will never know what will come to our surprise.

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Tekkaus said...

Yupe! It's better to be ready early right Ayie. :p Good morning. So are you ready for today.

Ayie said...

Hi Tekkaus, good morning to you! We are working on the car car little by little but it's in good running condition. Just saving now to get another car, a bigger one that's safer for baby.

lina said...

Which reminded me of my own delivery. I wasn't expecting to have en early C-section when I went to the hospital on Dec 2 as I was scheduled for the procedure (Raimie was a breech) on Dec 20 and guess what! I had to deliver that day.
I was totally unprepared! My stuff was left at home (and office, as backup) because I was actually going to work after my check up.
Imagine that I actually board the bus to the hospital, what with the cramps and all. LOL

levian said...

absolutely, better ready than sorry! having a scheduled car maintenance is essential not only for hospital visits, but for any of the emergencies or incidences that might happen at any moment. :)

ladyviral said...

yup getting everything ready is essential!

Even pack first now.. at least once it happens, no noe frantically runs around looking for the right thing to bring :P.

Ayie said...


You've been through a whirlwind with your 2 pregnancies but I'm happy things turned out good for you and Raimie in the end. Now you have a healthy boy! I will get started with my hospital bag soon, I can't expect hubs to get those things by the time comes. he might be all panicky and all knowing him.

Ayie said...


That's very true, it doesn't apply only for such situation but in general use too.

Ayie said...


I already have lists of things i need for the big day and I will get started with it soon enough. That will also be posted here as a guide.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Great advice! Be ready, get ready, and be prepare are the always good..

Ayie said...


And this applies to all in general! =P

lina said...

Yeah, I'm glad it all turn out well for me.
And yours will too! :)
If I remember my pregnancy, the last couple of months will be the time when you can't wait to see the baby and be counting the days. :)

Ayie said...


We're getting there! haha

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