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Last time I wrote about the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and discussed risks regarding such pregnancy. Upon re-reading the post I got reminded of the shows we previously viewed on Direct TV "16 and Pregnant -MTV" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager-ABC family". These shows are all about teen pregnancy. I am not being discriminative with these shows but I think producers should be more specific and careful with their approach not to give the wrong message to the young viewers. These directv shows have good and bad sides to it and I hope instead of making teenagers curious about engaging into early pregnancy after seeing the shows will make them think twice of their life's choices.

Pregnancy or motherhood as we all know is not an easy journey. We are not talking about your life alone but your life as a mom, having all the responsibilities of raising and taking care of your baby. There will be sleepless nights, no more gimmicks and good old fun times with friends. Those are just part of consequences nevertheless if any teen will embrace mommyhood I think things may turn out good for her. It will not be like bed of roses and smooth sailing journey but at least things will be more in harmony. May these shows mentioned above serve as a lesson for those teens out there. Don't rush growing up, enjoy one step at a time. Remember, there are no timeouts in motherhood.


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Kathy Sullivan said...

LOL! This show is actually a ratings winner but I am here to ask if anyone here tried Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion. I heard that they got into a class action suit. this is the site that explain the suit against them.

Ayie said...


Hi! Thanks for the visit and I checked that link you gave. I am using that product...I will read further later on. thanks

I have no bad criticism about the show coz there are good and bad sides to it. I am just referring to some shows in general about teens in which conducts different approach to them.

Tekkaus said...

I have never seen the show before. Kinda weird. :p

levian said...

it used to feel cool to have a child closer to our age, able to understand each other better n having fun together. but the older we grew, the more i read, n realize it is no fantasy taking care of a child. they need parents especially in their early age. the show must be very interesting! we could use some perspectives ourselves. :)

ladyviral said...

To be journeying in to motherhood needs proper planning...not "oh I want to be a mother and go be one" Lots of responsibilities, commitments in which a lot of teens today are not being taught of that.

Ayie said...


I didn't really watch the season episode but seen commercials for the show. One of the MTV episodes I did see and that's why hubs and I had views about airing that kind of show on TV. I know it cn teach teens to avoid it seeing all the consequences but you know how things turn out to be nice and seet on can also give them the notion to think it's all ok.

Ayie said...


I wanted to have a baby as early as 22 and late as 24 but things happened for a reason. I am 28 now and having my first. That's what i wanted too...I think that same way as you but I just believe now that things happen upon God's call. I saw a movie poster for Uma Thurman No time outs in Mommyhood. I think that's a good movie to see to realize joys and pains of being a mom.

Ayie said...


You hit the jackpot! Exactly what i want to point out with these shows. Me and hubs didn't decide right away to have baby because there's still adjustment period when you get married and another adjustment will be with the baby. It took planning on our part too.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I always know that I want to have children, and all three come without planning. Actually, they decided to come on their own when our plans didn't work out..

Ayie said...


You truly want to be a mother, that's great! My first and greatest dream was not to be an architect...but to be a mom. To bear my very own child in time.

Tes said...

I agree on shows about Teen Pregnancy that exist to help (commendable!) they just need to be very CLEAR in letting the young viewers know kids that it is NOT encouraging teen pregnancy, just helping those who are in the situation already.

Hi Ayie! Hope all is well with you and the baby. Take it easy, girl. This season is a time for tedious activities -decorating, shopping- don't overtax yourself :) Take extra care. :)

Ayie said...


Hi...I missed you around here. Long time no see. Great that you understand my views for this post. I know some teens might feel encouraged that's why I had emphasis on clear objectives.

Not so festive for me since I am far and away from my family. Will just attend xmas dinner for hubs and a little cooking but that's it. I don't plan to exhaust myself with things. I am enjoying the shopping though =P

Thanks so much for the concern! Have a great day!!

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