Baby Development: Second Trimester

Second trimester is the fourth through the sixth month or 14 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. It is a very exciting stage as you will feel more movements for baby most especially kicking. Sharing this experience with your partner / husband can stir fun and emotional feelings. I can personally relate to this because I get excited when baby moves a lot and this never fails to bring us smiles when we see my tummy movements with little to big thumps. the kicks now is getting stronger. I wonder if baby got mommy's taekwondo kicks! =P Again with prenatal appointments, make sure you follow and attend the doctor sessions. Your pregnancy and baby's development should be closely checked. This time around there will be no denying that you are pregnant because tummy is too obvious to hide (some women though had very small or barely there baby bump until giving birth).

Fetal Development:

At the end of the first trimester baby's already fully formed but some organs are still developing and others are beginning to work. Baby will grow a lot during the second trimester.
  • Baby was just about a size of a peanut when we first learned about the pregnancy.
  • At the end of first trimester baby will be about 4 inches long in which i refer to my husband like a size of a mobile phone =)
  • A month later baby will be about 7 inches long and will nearly weigh 1/2 pound.
  • Upon reaching 5th month of pregnancy, baby will be about 12 inches long weighing about 1 pound. now you can feel your tummy getting heavier than usual and also expanding more.
  • By the end of second trimester at six months, baby will be around 14 inches long weighing about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. Now we're talking heavy! I am honestly feeling the added weight in my tummy. I still can move so fast but when I'm laying down I have to be extra careful now getting up.
  • Eyes continue to develop during this time. Eyebrows and eyelashes starting to appear in the fourth month. by the end of sixth month the eyes are almost fully developed with eyelids that open and close.
  • Soft hair called Lanugo begins to grow on baby's body at the beginning of second trimester. During the fifth month baby's skin is very wrinkly and covered by a white waxy or cheese like coating called Vernix. Hair also begins to grow on baby's head =) I still don't know who's genes is stronger with me and hubs because if it's my genes then baby will barely have hair or nearly bald when born because we (me 7 siblings) have very fine limp hair. if hubs then expect to have a headfull of hair =P
  • As second trimester comes to an end, baby will remain curled up with knees against chest (that explains all the bumpy kicks I get).
Mommy's Body:
  • Mommy gained about 10-12 pounds so far (I gained 11 =P)
  • Skin starts itching because of the stretch, belly getting really bigger. Always apply lotion or oils to help skin's elasticity. Not all women are fortunate enough not to have stretchmarks.
  • Uterus is about a size of a soccer ball. The top of uterus is more or less 2 inches above belly button.
  • Shoes might feel tight, face might looks puffy because the body's holding in water. Check out procedures when this happens.
  • Cramps in feet and legs may frequent you at night so make sure to avoid sleeping on your back for better circulation.
  • Mommy might get hemorrhoids or swollen veins in rectum. This can bleed so better tell doc right away if this happens.
  • Nose might feel stuffy and occasional nosebleeds.
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ladyviral said...

that part where "gained 10-12 pounds" I think I might end up gaining more! hahahhaah!

foongpc said...

Thanks for sharing this info, ayie! Interesting : )

Ayie said...


Oh better be careful dear, it won't be too healthy if you gain too much.

Ayie said...


No prob foong, it's my pleasure to share all these things to everybody.

levian said...

lots of useful information n signs to look out for that you have listed out here. i have a friend that got pregnant without much bump. it wasn't quite what we expected. :)

Ayie said...


You ca refer this site to your friend, she might be able to make use of the info here. I didn't have much bump also at first but now it's like it's all pumped up! hehehe!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Feel like I'm going through pregnancy all over again!

Great information, Ayie! Take care of yourself..

Ayie said...


Thank you Icy! I am trying my best to do so.

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