Post Break: Safety Tips

We pregnant women should really be careful with everything and it's best to avoid getting hurt. Here are some things we need to to know to practice extra care:
  • Always be careful when walking, driving, working and cleaning. These activities can be tiring and we shouldn't exhaust our bodies too.
  • Body shape changes during pregnancy making you unstable which makes it prone to slip and fall.
  • Pregnant women can feel dizzy or faint, if you feel this way better sit down right away and rest. If driving, pull over to the side of the road. This can be really dangerous so don't force it.
  • Being pregnant doesn't excuse us from wearing seat belts, just make sure the lap belt goes under the tummy.
  • When cleaning avoid harsh cleansers, fumes can be harmful to you and most especially baby.
  • Do not douche (wash the inside of the vagina with water) as it is not safe when pregnant.
  • Do not take hot baths or exercise too hard, body temperature tends to get high and it's bad for baby. It's not good to sit in hot tubs or steam baths, bath water should just feel warmer than your skin.
  • Never climb on a chair or ladder. Any kind of fall can lead to severe injury to you and baby loss.
  • Do not lift heavy things and if you must, make sure to bend and lift from the knees keeping back straight.
  • Hold on to something when bending or getting up, this can give you extra support. Apply this also when climbing up or going down stairs so in case you lose balance.
  • It's not recommended to wear high heels, better wear flat shoes that fit well as our feet expand when tired.
  • Keep floor clear of cords or other things you can trip over even rugs that you can slide on.
  • Be extra careful in the bathtubs and showers, use rubber mats. It's advisable to put rubber mats to avoid slipping. This applies most in walking in snow or ice, better be extra cautious.
  • Don't push yourself to do things when you feel tire, at least get 8-10hrs sleep. Rest whenever you feel tired.
  • It's very important to keep our hands clean, wash thoroughly after touching raw meats and pets. Do not clean the cat litter too, you can get illness from it that can harm baby.

Safety Reminder:
In case of accidents, getting hit or fall make sure to call the doctor or go to the hospital to have you checked. Make sure your cars are all conditioned to run in case of emergencies. Have it checked and well maintained. Oil, air, timing belt, water... all those things must be well checked whether your car is toyota, honda accord, ford, mustang, etc. For San Francisco auto repair, you may check here.
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Anonymous said...

You're so right, Ayie..Safety is always first on the list..

Tekkaus said...

Thanks for the tips Ayie. I'll share it will my wifey. :D

Ayie said...


It's not just taking care of baby, mommy's health and safety is very important.

Ayie said...


Keep sharing to her, you both can make use of all these info in time.

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