Post Break: Baby Safety, Stay Out of Crowd

Now that we have our baby, I am more careful than before. Whenever we go out I have this feeling of being over protective most especially in places that have so much people around. I've always believed that crowd control is important everywhere to keep an organized and safe environment for everybody.

We haven't really been out much like in concerts, shows, malls or even groceries where people are greatly concentrated. Sometimes even banks get crowded with people passing here and there. I might be so paranoid at times whenever it feels so crowded I feel like keeping my boy just so close and tightly in my arms. Good thing most places have barricades like stanchions and velvet rope to regulate and control crowd movement. I bet new moms like me feel like their newborns are so fragile wanting much bigger space to move around in places.

No matter where you go just make sure we steer away from tight crowd. Take this advice for our baby's safety.
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Tekkaus said...

Yep! We have to keep an eye and everything that is approaching us and the baby. :D

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